Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

cewek bugil telanjang Indonesia Dream

I had a dream of 12 March 2007 before I woke up, where I saw Indonesian leader standing around me. I then was awarded a certificate of marriage of inviting me to commit my life to help Indonesia and its people.
Purposing to marry my heart and life lifting Indonesia, are now trying to reputable publishers and speaking of agencies throughout Indonesia to work with and represent me.Since I don't speak your language yet, it will take a miracle for sure to make this happen. However, as a kid I believe that all things are possible.
I have published 10 books so far away that you want to translate and distribute throughout Indonesia.
-Turning a Broken Heart
-A State of emergency
-Are you ready for true love?
-Poems that the planet propulsion
-Stop Lusting & Start Living
-Adultery: 101 reasons not to fraud
-God vs. Religion
-Matchmaker Almighty
-Waves of God
I said my ability to overcome barriers and transform individuals and organizations highly will be celebrated in Indonesia. my last trip throughout Indonesia showed me that they like my sense of humor that simultaneously allowed them to laugh, learn, live and love.
I traveled to Indonesia 5 times, going from Sumatra Irian Jaya. I feel more at home in Indonesia me in America. Indonesia and its inhabitants have fascinated. I rejoice my heart every time I get invited to speak and run in Indonesia.
Fortunately I don't have this type of dreams every day, more like once a living. Altering my life to fulfill this divine mandate will require a lot of personal sacrifice, but are willing to do so. I hope that some people from the heart sweet will be along my side and help me work. Indonesians are a people easy to fall in love with.

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