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Indonesia Football Cup final-replacement of arbitrator, Twin Champions proposal?

When it comes to football, is widely known-at least for soccer fans out there-that an arbitrator has the highest leaders of the game. This means that decisions an arbitrator makes taking account of what happens during a football match, its decisions are absolute and cannot be protestati in any way by both players of both teams or spectators, as well as any other officials who did not own the rights to do so.

However, things don't seem to go in this way to referee Jimmy Napitupulu, while he was leading Indonesia Football Cup final game between Sriwijaya FC today and held at only Arema. today, Sunday 1 August 2010, a lot of its decisions during the first half was protested by spectators who fully crowded Stadium Manahan only, the stadium where took place the final game.

However, the highlight was when Jimmy Napitupulu took a decision to show a red card for one of the players of Arema, Noh Shah Alam, in the first half, leaving Arema playing with ten men. The referee has shown a red card player for lifting leg too high in the air and precious Emuejeraye kicks, playing for Sriwijaya FC, on the face.

Unfortunately for the arbitrator, this caused viewers-fans of Arema, needless to say-to go mad. this final game, fans of Arema weren't hard to find here and there, since they have crowded Stadium heavily. After this incident, regional police officer responsible for media Java, Inspector General Alex Bambang Riatmodjo, asked at the end of the first half-which ended 0-0-that officials replace the referee. He also said that, if this could not be upheld, he would reject the final game of football cup of Indonesia.

According to him, the reason was to prevent that from happening because of madness of fans of Arema riots. As a fact, however, there were signs of unrest unlikely at the time given.When asked by one of the reporters on the site of reporting about the final game, here police officer said that there was no problem for officials PSSI going home and that the security flaw was Police Affairs.

The thing is that he couldn't know that Jimmy is a FIFA referee Napitupulu certified and has a good reputation for conducting a lot of football games in Indonesia.With FIFA attesting the referee, means that the arbitrator has what it takes to bring a football match, as he supposes. FIFA certification also means that the arbitrator knows the rules of football games in details, what to do if players commit fouls and when to show the yellow and red cards. Needless to say, FIFA certifies only one arbitrator to whom you can trust Football Federation.

However, after the first half was over, the officials of games had to focus their attention on this rare problem. This also caused half be suspended for more than an hour the second. There were also rumors that a solution of twin samples may be in force because of this particular problem.

However, this was very funny. Also the Dutch coach of Arema himself, Robert Rene Alberts, also don't mind the decisions of the arbitrator.So, why should have Inspector General Alex Bambang Riatmodjo even bother replacing the referee at all? coach of Arema was also willing to continue the game with ten men on his team. The coach said it was a pity that incident as this was to come as the Indonesia is a beautiful country with people very good. So, he added that the Indonesian people should try to get more professional when it comes to football. Meanwhile, the coach of Sriwijaya FC, Rahmad Darmawan, indicated that really doesn't matter if won or lost the final match.What really counts instead was if players of both teams played enough or not.The coach has also said that if Arema won the game, after all, he gladly welcome Arema players and coach.So, again, was much more important than a winning a fair play.

Of course, this incident is very bizarre and is unique.As a matter of fact, there are neither things as referee replacement nor twin samples in a football match, worldwide.At least, that's the way it's supposed to be a football match. But Indonesia seems to be an exception.There were also rumors that sometimes around 70, such an incident like this fact took place as well as during a football team Indonesia games. at that time, the final solution adopted was to have two samples. then, two samples also emerged during the last PON held recently first took this particular game of Indonesia Cup final.

Unfortunately, if things like this keep on happening in Indonesia, chances are that FIFA can ban this country by the company independently its football match. of course, this isn't quite likely something a country wants to have to go through. With said, PSSI-acronym for Mau Kaka Persatuan Indonesia-and the rest of football officials in Indonesia will have to work hard and make it their duty to priority, so that things like what happened during the final of the football Cup of Indonesia today will not occur in future. one more thing, if you don't know really what is PSSI is higher, the Federation that deals with football in Indonesia.

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