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This is the world's largest archipelago, a huge chain of Islands over 135,000, Indonesia, running for approximately 5,000 km between Australia and Asia. And like all tropical islands, Indonesian islands too are known for their beaches and exciting water sports. Are somewhat further than verdant hills, vigil dramatic volcanic strata. And in addition to the scenic beauty, Indonesia has too precious cultural treasure. So there are enough reasons for travelling in Indonesia.
Beaches and water sports

Beaches and water sports are the main attractions of Indonesia. Long history has equipped the Indonesia with intriguing culture and fascinating relics. Yogyakarta on Java island is famous for Borobudur and Prambanan temples. Borobudur is considered one of the wonders of the ancient temple of Prambanan World are in the League of his own. These finds remind visitors of the glorious past of Indonesia. Jakarta, a lively city and the capital of Indonesia, is also the island of Java. Has all the makings of an Eastern metropolis.Lombok is known for its beautiful beaches and a great, there is a volcano.Bali is appreciated for its coastlines and sandy beaches. Ubud, Bali, is the treasure of Indonesian culture. with regard to water sports, you can enjoy a slew of sports like skiing, diving, snorkeling and more.

Indonesia, having the tropical climate, has low temperature difference in different parts of the year. like all tropical places, also has hot and humid climate. hills are bit cooler than the Plains. Dry Weather is from June to September, while the monsoon rains to Western port, from December to March. Rainstorms occur throughout the year.
Language and religion

The only official language here is Indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia. known as its basis a dialect of Chinese.Indonesian educated can speak and understand English.People who have graduated from Islamic religious institutions know Arabic.Regarding religion, Islam is the dominant religion here.However, people are tolerant of other religions.

Beauty of Indonesia lies in its archipelago that is massive in numbers. most of the Islands are still unexplored. Indonesia provides travellers to explore the Virgin Lands and discover the secrets of nature that are still hidden in the Kingdom of nature. the archipelago is so great that by 13,000 islands, have been named only 1500. Is the largest of the Indonesian islands. most of the Islands are mountainous with Plains only in coastal regions.

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