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We can consider China and India the protagonists in Southeast Asia, but lets not forget Indonesia. Indonesia offers various opportunities for both exporters and importers. So let's take a closer look of Indonesia.
Indonesia is a country of island basis and consists of 17945 Islands, but only about 6,000 of them is inhabited. Statistically the Indonesia is the largest country in the world, with a population of more than 200 million 16.The main religion is Islam, and you should bear this in mind when conducting business in Indonesia. The Indonesia is a democratic country that generally it's a good idea, but at the same time is a breeding ground for corruption, and the level of corruption in Indonesia is one of the highest in Southeast Asia.
The Indonesia has huge amounts of natural resources, including oil, gas, copper and gold Tin. actually, Indonesia is the largest Tin market worldwide. So there are lots of opportunities to conduct business and making money.
The financial crisis of 1997 in Asia has hit Indonesia.Economic development has slowed and even decreased, at some point, inflation has risen to 77%, but Indonesia is managed to recover and now GDP is growing constantly.And although it may seem weir Indonesia should feel very happy for the 1997 crisis, because due to this, the current global crisis has had a minimal impact on Indonesia.
Indonesia's major trading partners are Japan, USA and China ant the main exports are of course of natural resources and various. they mainly import equipment, chemicals and foodstuffs. so there are quite a few opportunities for exchanges and profit.
Labour costs are very low, as in most Asian countries, and this is due to the poverty level of Indonesia. from a humanitarian point of view, this is naturally very bad, but from the other producers are able to produce their goods cheaply and so the price of goods is convenient also for the poorest part of the world's population.

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